An asterisk * in the Place of Death indicates an hospital death
A double asterisk ** in the Place of Death indicates the record is annotated with Missing

Ref. Surname Initials Rank Ship or Regiment Place
Date of Death
8851 Arden John Henry M. Bt. Lt. Col Worcester Regt. Egypt 23 July 1918 Details
8852 Clarke Harry Rice Corpl. R.M. Artillery France 22 August 1919 Details
8853 Dyer Richard James Pte. Dorset Regt. France 27 August 1918 Details
8854 Hill George James G. Pte. Somerset L.I. France 31 March 1917 Details
8855 Hill Harry Walter G. Pte. Devon Regt. France 7 September 1916 Details
8856 Horton Walter George Gunr. R.H.A. France 29 April 1918 Details
8857 Mitchell Thomas Henry Sergt. R.G.A. France 23 September 1917 Details
8858 Murchant George Pte. Liverpool Regt. France 30 November 1917 Details
8859 Sarahs William Henry 1st Cl. P.O H.M.S. Niobe Canada 6 July 1915 Details
8860 Worth Thomas Richard Pte. M.G.C. Italy 24 June 1918 Details