An asterisk * in the Place of Death indicates an hospital death
A double asterisk ** in the Place of Death indicates the record is annotated with Missing

Ref. Surname Initials Rank Ship or Regiment Place
Date of Death
4828 Bendyshe R. N. Colonel Gallipoli Details
4829 Bradshaw James Henry Pte. Coldstream Guards France 23 August 1918 Details
4830 Dyer, D.C.M. Albert Sgt. D.C.L.I. France 22 March 1918 Details
4831 Galloway William A. H. Dvr. R.F.A. Mesopotamia 14 December 1915 Details
4832 Gimblet William Details
4833 Gloyne Albert Norman Cpl. Canad. Mil. Forces France 29 December 1915 Details
4834 Jackson Hubert Apprentice S.S. Treveal At Sea 4 February 1918 Details
4835 Knight Frederick James Pte. D.C.L.I. France 14 March 1915 Details
4836 Langman Arthur L/Cpl. Devon Regt. France 23 April 1917 Details
4837 Martin Edwin Pte. R.M.I. France 3 June 1918 Details
4838 Martin William England Details
4839 Stanbury William Gunr. R.F.A. France 24 October 1917 Details