An asterisk * in the Place of Death indicates an hospital death
A double asterisk ** in the Place of Death indicates the record is annotated with Missing

Ref. Surname Initials Rank Ship or Regiment Place
Date of Death
1852 Bater John Pte. E. Yorks. Regt. Details
1853 Bater Robert Pte. Can. Mil. Forces Details
1854 Bater, M.M. Samuel Pte. Devon Regt. Details
1855 Britton Walter Pte. R.A.M.C. Details
1856 Brooks Frederick Sydney Sgt. Wilts. Regt. 21 August 1916 Details
1857 Chalkley Lewis Pte. London Regt. Details
1858 Chard Francis Pte. Devon Regt. Details
1859 Chard John Pte. Devon Regt. Details
1860 Cox Archie S. J. Pte. D.C.L.I. Details
1861 Down George Henry Sgt. Devon Regt. Details
1862 Down Thomas George J. H.M.S. Powerful Details
1863 Gillies Alec Marc. Operator Mercantile Marine Details
1864 Hannaford Stanley John Lieut. Lancs. Regt. October 1917 Details
1865 Hulland Hermon Davis Pte. Devon Regt. Details
1866 Joce George Henry Pte. Devon Regt. Details
1867 Kerslake A. W. Cpl. R.N.D. Hussars Details
1868 Lawrence Thomas Sgt. Devon Regt. Details
1869 Peters William John Lieut. Devon Regt. 23 April 1917 Details
1870 Powlesland John Northley J. Lieut. London Regt. Details
1871 Powlesland Norman Walling Cpl. Devon Regt. Details
1872 Tarr William Pte. Somerset L.I. Details
1873 Thorne Frederick Tpr. Hussars Details
1874 Thorne William Stkr. H.M.S. Goliath Details
1875 Tremaine Walter George Cpl. R.F.A. 15 September 1916 Details
1876 Turner Percy Pte. Devon Regt. 3 December 1917 Details
1877 Webber Frederick Thomas Pte. Devon Regt. Details
1878 Webber William Cpl. Devon Regt. Details