An asterisk * in the Place of Death indicates an hospital death
A double asterisk ** in the Place of Death indicates the record is annotated with Missing

Ref. Surname Initials Rank Ship or Regiment Place
Date of Death
1106 Abbott William H. Gunnr. R.G.A. France* 19 November 1918 Details
1107 Butter Frank 1st Cl. P.O. H.M.S. Irene Sheerness 28 May 1915 Details
1108 Dean Harold W. R. Pte. Coldstream Guards France 1 February 1915 Details
1109 Gush Victor A. Gunr. R.F.A. H.M. Hopsital Ship Delta* 4 September 1915 Details
1110 Northcott Chas. Lewis L/Corpl. Australian I.F. France 18 September 1917 Details
1111 Perry Arthur W. T. Pte. Devon Regt. Palestine 18 June 1918 Details
1112 Perry Tom Pte. D.C.L.I. Details
1113 Perryman Percy Pte. London Regt. France 1 December 1916 Details
1114 Perryman Sidney L/Corpl. Devon Regt. Mesopotamia 19 September 1916 Details
1115 Quick Albert Jas. Pte. M.G.C. France 17 August 1917 Details
1116 Searle Stanley Pte. R. West Kent Regt. France 20 November 1917 Details
1117 Ward Stanley Pte. Devon Regt. France 25 September 1916 Details