An asterisk * in the Place of Death indicates an hospital death
A double asterisk ** in the Place of Death indicates the record is annotated with Missing

Ref. Surname Initials Rank Ship or Regiment Place
Date of Death
205 Besley Barton Hope Capt. Devon Regt. France 28 October 1914 Details
206 Bishop Jack Pte. Devon Regt. France September 1915 Details
207 Gardner F. Lee Lieut. R.N. Trans. Officer Dieppe 28 May 1917 Details
208 Hawkins William T. Pte. Somerset L.I. France 23 September 1918 Details
209 Hellier Reginald Pte. R. Fusiliers France 26 August 1918 Details
210 Hine George Pte. Devon Regt. France 14 July 1916 Details
211 Pennell Harry Lee Comdr. H.M.S. Queen Mary Jutland 31 May 1916 Details
212 Pike Fred Pte. Devon Regt. France 22 August 1915 Details
213 Rowland Sidney Pte. Devon Regt. France 18 July 1915 Details
214 Tucker John Pte. R.F.A. France November 1917 Details
215 Weldon Geoffrey Capt. R.F.A. France 20 September 1916 Details