Memorial Listing

Parish: Torquay - Upton
Location: North Wall of St James Church (Hidden)
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Armin John More
Baker Sidney E. More
Bastard Leonard J. More
Chapple Alfred More
Chick Thomas More
Coleman Fred More
Cornish Percy More
Endacott Percy More
Elliott Leonard More
England Fred More
Field Harry More
Hallett Charles More
Heathfield William More
Isaac Albert More
Jarivs J. More
Joint Philip More
Luxton Arthur More
Linten Fred More
Pack Charlie More
Rendell William James More
Routley Frederick J. More
Scott William G. More
Spacagna Vincent More
Sugden Harold More
Tippett William More
Warring James Albert More
Weeks Charlie More
White Percy More
Wilkinson William John More
Windeatt Henry More
Winter Ernest Herbert More
Alford A. More
Alford G. More
Angel H. More
Ash E. More
Avery G. More
Babbage F. More
Bamford A. More
Bastard E. More
Batthershill E. More
Beare H. More
Beare C. More
Bishop F. More
Blackmore B. More
Bowden A. More
Brimicombe S. More
Brough L. More
Browning W. More
Chudley C. More
Coker C. More
Corey A. More
Court W. More
Connett B. More
Coldridge F. More
Collings C. More
Crook C. More
Croot G. More
Crouch W. More
Cussell S. More
Dart H. More
Dawe T. More
Dalby C. More
Dalby M. More
Denning E. More
Elson C. More
Evens H. More
Field H. More
Fletcher W. More
German G. More
Gill J. More
Griffin P. More
Gregory F. More
Hannaford R. More
Hannaford S. More
Hatton E. More
Hawke F. More
Hocken L. More
Hole V. More
Howard C. More
Hutton P. More
Jordan A. More
Kirton A. More
Langdon J. More
Lightwood F. More
Luscombe W. More
Milton S. More
Millar L. More
Moase W. More
Nickells F. More
Norman A. More
Oldrey E. More
O'Shea D. More
O'Shea W. More
Peckham C. More
Penny S. More
Pinkham A. More
Pullman R. More
Powers T. More
Raybold J. More
Rendell A. More
Roberts C. More
Sparkes B. More
Stamp F. More
Steer F. More
Steed G. More
Stevens C. More
Sunnawell F. More
Sutherley J. More
Tanner C. More
Tarr P. More
Tickell R. More
Truman W. More
Turner W. More
Vanstone W. More
Walling A. More
Walling A. More
Walling F. More
Walling J. More
Wallis F. More
Way J. More
West S. More
Whidden F. More
Whidden W. More
White H. More
Winsor C. More
Winter H. More
Woodward H. More
Worth T. More
Muir D. More
Stephens A. More