Memorial Listing

Parish: Torquay - Upton
Location: Upton Parish Church Hall
Type: National School Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Warren R. More
Watts J. More
Way W. More
Wescott F. More
Westwater S. More
White P. More
White W. J. More
White W. More
Whiteway R. More
Winter E. More
Williams C. More
Williams T. More
Wellsman S. More
Bowden C. J. More
Blackler J. More
Palmer P. More
Alford A. More
Allchurch J. More
Allchurch W. More
Bastard L. More
Bastin H. More
Bolt F. More
Bond E. More
Bond H. More
Bond L. More
Bond W. More
Brown E. More
Campbell H. More
Carpenter C. More
Coleman F. More
Davey A. More
Day F. More
Delbridge R. More
Downes J. More
Eden H. More
Alford C. More
Eddy A. More
Elliot L. T. More
Elliot L. W. More
Endacott P. More
Field M. More
Ford H. More
Gibbings W. More
Gilbert W. More
Gillard N. More
Grater A. More
Grose J. More
Hannaford F. More
Holding W. More
Hole H. More
Huxham F. More
James C. More
Jarvis J. More
Jordan A. More
Jordan B. More
Labdon C. More
Lane F. More
Lane G. More
Lane H. More
Lavers A. More
Martin E. More
Matthews E. More
Medland B. More
Morris T. More
Pack C. More
Penwill W. More
Pratt F. More
Robins A. More
Shopland A. More
Southcombe A. More
Sparrowe V. More
Squires F. More
Squires H. More
Skinner L. More
Tarr P. More
Tunkin J. More
Tunnicliffe H. More
Turner P. More