Memorial Listing

Parish: Torquay - Upton
Location: Church of St Mary Magdalene, Torquay
Type: Book of Remembrance

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Field Henry Graham More
Harvey Graham Robert More
Harwood William Henry More
Henley Albert George More
Holding William Alfred More
Honeysett Bertram Thomas More
Jarvis James More
Kelly Edwin Gerald More
Land Albert Edward More
Lear Frederick Harvey More
Lewis John More
Martin Ernest Henry More
Bond Ernest Edward More
Bonyun Frank Vernon More
Bowhay William Henry More
Brown Alfred John Henry More
Brown Ernest Samuel More
Burke D.C.M John More
Courtenay-Dunn Adrian Lancelot More
Cowell John More
Bond Herbert Lewis More
Mitchell George Patrick More
Moore Silas More
Pack Charles Herbert More
Rowe Thomas James Turner More
Shopland Archie More
Southcott Herbert John William More
Sparrowe Vernon Edwin More
Tanner William Henry More
Trotman John More
Tunkin John Patrick Reed More
Turner Reginald Percy More
Turner Sidney Arthur More
Vincent William Arthur More
Weeks John Albert More
Williams Leonard Charles More
Wyatt M.M. James William More
Blackler James Edwin More