Memorial Listing

Parish: Topsham
Location: Topsham, St Margaret Church
Type: Roll of Honour

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Anstey W. More
Baker W. H. More
Bevan J. H. More
Bolt W. More
Bond F. More
Chambers W. More
Cobley G. A. More
Copland H. More
Copland W. More
Cornish P. More
Denham H. F. More
Dunscombe F. More
Dunscombe J. More
Durrant W. More
Edworthy F. More
Gale H. M. More
Gale S. A. More
Garnsworthy C. S. More
Hawkings F. C. More
Heard W. More
Hill M. A. More
Hill S. J. More
Howard G. More
Hurford G. More
Kentsbeer A. F. More
Kentsbeer C. C. More
Kentsbeer H. H. More
Kerslake R. G. More
Longridge A. O. C. More
Luxon J. More
Manning H. More
Matthews J. J. More
May R. More
Mills A. More
Mills W. More
Mingo A. C. More
Mogridge L. More
Mudge J. More
Newman C. J. More
Newman F. G. More
Osborne W. More
Palmer H. C. More
Pike R. F. More
Polglass A. More
Puddicombe F. W. More
Rovery F. More
Rowe H. More
Rowe S. A. More
Roy J. More
Rustell H. More
Salway S. J. More
Sercombe T. E. More
Squires H. More
Taylor G. More
Thomas W. T. More
Trout C. More
Trout R. More
Trout S. More
Turner W. E. More
Vowden D. More
Wannell F. More
Wannell G. More
Wannell S. E. More
Webster A. J. More
Whitty S. More
Williams L. S. G. More
Wills A. More
Wills W. H. More
Wilson E. L. More