Memorial Listing

Parish: Shobrooke
Location: Shobrooke, West Road into Village
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Beer W. J. More
Bennett W. More
Brealy J. More
Crook G. F. More
Elston J. More
Fisher W. J. More
Gillard J. More
Gillard S. More
Greenslade F. J. H. More
Heaman R. G. More
Horwell J. E. More
Horwell G. E. More
Horwell T. E. More
Howe J. More
Jukes R. W. More
Locke E. J. More
Lott A. More
Northcott J. More
Parker G. W. More
Slade J. H. More
Snell W. More
Sydenham F. V. More
Whale E. J. More
Whale G. W. More
Wissman J. R. More
Andrews C. J. More
Baker E. J. More
Dimes S. C. More
Friend H. J. More
Perryman L. More
Richards A J. More