Memorial Listing

Parish: Northam
Location: Heywood Road, Northam
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Allin H. A. More
Bennett C. H. More
Carrington H. A. More
Eardley-Wilmot F. More
Featherstone R. B. More
Freeman N. More
Lovat-Thomas R. B. More
Martin C. H. More
McConachy, D.S.O. M. E. More
Morgan E. F. More
Moore R. H. H. More
Moore G. F. H. More
Nicholls R. L. F. More
Nicholay H. C. More
Rice E. J. More
Southey R. F. M. More
Sparling N. C. More
Sparling S. J. B. More
Temple E. Stella More
Vanrenen A. S. More
Nixon M. A. More
Barber A. A. More
Branch J. More
Branch W. More
Braunton V. More
Brayley, M.M. W. E. More
Cawsey W. More
Cawsey W. More
Cole S. More
Cook W. More
Cooksley F. More
Currie E. J. More
Curtis A. More
Curtis T. More
Dalling H. More
Downing C. H. More
Essery G. More
Fulford S. More
Glover T. More
Glover J. More
Harding L. C. More
Moon H. E. More
Mounce W. More
Palmer F. More
Rendle R. More
Reynolds J. More
Rice W. More
Shute C. H. More
Shute S. J. More
Shute T. H. More
Shutt H. More
Snell T. More
Staddon A. More
Sussex F. More
Thorne F. More
Tithecott W. More
Tucker G. H. More
Tucker R. More
Vivian G. R. H. More
Whitton G. More
Williams C. H. More
Campbell C. A. More
Sanguin R. More
Elsmie G. E. D. More
Goss J. More
Hamlyn G. A. More
Hearn A. More
Hoare F. More
Jeffery W. More
Jewell W. More
Jones G. A. D. More
Kelly S. More
Kelly J. F. More
Kempe J. More
Kempe W. More
King F. A. More
Lamprey C. More
Lilley A. More
Littlejohns A. More
Littlejohns A. More
Maggs A. More
Mounce W. J. More
Hooper W. More
Prouse T. More