Memorial Listing

Parish: Kingsteignton
Location: Kingsteignton, Church of St. Michael, Churchyard
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Almond G. H. More
Bartlett F. R. More
Bovey F. L. More
Bray J. More
Brimecombe G. H. More
Burt F. More
Cockerham F. More
Cook A. More
Cook H. J. More
Cornall H. W. More
Courtier F. T. More
Dennis F. G. More
Diamond G. J. More
Dobbs W. J. More
Ellis W. E. More
Farleigh J. H. More
Ford E. G. More
Harding L. More
Heyward T. A. More
Holland L. More
Howard T. H. More
Jones E. L. H. More
Jordan F. J. C. More
Knapman G. F. More
Lang T. More
Lang W. H. More
Mander F. R. R. More
Mason A. More
Miller F. C. More
Mortimore J. More
Murrin F. C. More
Murrin F. C. More
Newland F. W. More
Newland G. More
Osborn L. J. More
Partridge F. G. More
Partridge H. G. More
Pike T. More
Purchase E. J. C. More
Rolstone W. More
Scott F. More
Scott L. A. More
Selley G. More
Spears R. H. More
Stevens T. More
Tothill E. J. More
Tothill W. H. More
Tozer W. H. More
Vallance G. H. More
Vogler R. J. More
Walters H. More
Way H. J. R. More
Weeks F. J. More
Willcocks S. H. More
Yea H. W. More
Yeo J. F. More
57 A. H. More