Memorial Listing

Parish: Exeter - St David's
Type: Memorial Board

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Badcock Alfred More
Bagwill Wilfrid More
Bartlett Harry P. More
Beer Samuel A. More
Blakeway Clinton A. More
Bond Alfred J. More
Boobyear Albert More
Boobyear Francis E. More
Bradford Reginald More
Britton Louis More
Burns Robert H. More
Burrows Charles More
Butler Charles W. More
Chenneour Edwin G. More
Cobley Alfred J. More
Coombes Arthur More
Court Francis More
Crook Edmund C. More
Curtis George C. More
Davis Charles W. More
Dawson Albert G. More
Dean John H. More
Delve William A. More
Denham George P. More
Downing Walter T. More
Drew Ernest E. More
Evins Jack More
Farmer Paul D. More
Foster Thomas W. More
Gammon Walter P. More
Gillingham Frank More
Glasson William E. More
Godbear Percy S. G. More
Grose Edgar J. More
Hancock Ralph More
Harford Reginald More
Hawkins George More
Helmore Stanley More
Holmes Albert E. More
Hoskins Ronald More
Johns Frederick More
Kestall-Cornish Rt. V. More
King Frederick G. More
King Sidney T. More
King William More
Kneel Jack More
Loram James H. More
Lyndon John More
Matters Charles H. More
Melhuish Edgar More
Middleton William S. More
Milton Stanley More
Mitchell George More
Nike John More
Northcote Herbert H. More
Pine Albert More
Pinn Alfred C. More
Purfield Henry More
Rawle Percy More
Reardon Morris More
Reed Clifford More
Rilot Joseph C. More
Salter Frederick More
Samball George T. More
Samball Henry W. More
Shermer Henry E. More
Shorto Martin H. More
Smith Abraham More
Spreadbury William S. More
Steele Edwin B. More
Stentiford Albert L. More
Street Albert More
Thole Endlebert F. More
Thompson Frank L. More
Veitch John L. More
Vlieland Dorothy More
Vosper Francis More
Webb John A. More
Webber Louis J. More
Whitton Arthur More
Whitton Alfred More
Willmott Frederick More
Wyatt John A. More
Rowe Tom More
White George More