Memorial Listing

Parish: Exeter - Newtown
Location: Outside Church of St Matthew, Newtown
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Aggett H. J. More
Allery C. H. More
Bennett A. J. More
Bennett C. W. More
Bennett R. G. More
Benson H. C. More
Bowden A. F. More
Bowden F. L. More
Bradford A. L. More
Berry A. H. More
Bridle F. W. More
Clow E. A. More
Clow B. More
Clow H. F. More
Cockram P. J. More
Coles W. H. More
Collett G. More
Colwall S. More
Commins W. G. More
Crump S. G. More
Dorothy A. E. More
Ebdon M. More
Elston A. More
Farleigh E. More
Fitzgerald J. More
Gillard F. More
Grant F. J. More
Harris P. More
Hayes C. C. More
Hodge L. H. More
Hooper F. More
Howell A. More
Jackman P. J. More
Jarvis A. J. More
Jerrett S. More
Jones R. More
Kemp F. G. More
Kitson J. More
Knight T. More
Lias W. G. More
Manley H. More
Marshall F. J. More
Matthews J. More
Milford J. More
Pannell W. H. More
Parkhouse C. More
Patchett I. G. More
Pinn E. J. More
Pook A. E. More
Reed C. C. More
Reynolds F. J. E. More
Rooke P. H. More
Rowden W. J. More
Sawdye E. K. More
Scanes T. H. More
Searle C. More
Sharp G. T. More
Stanlake W. J. More
Swift E. More
Tancock A. More
Tancock H. More
Toms C. A. More
Upright J. C. More
Webber G. More
Webber W. More
West A. H. More
Wheaton P. More
White R. More
Wilson J. H. More
Wollen H. C. More
Wood S. W. More
Blatchford W. H. More
Bowden G. H. More
Browning E. More
Holmes R. H. More
Pinniger W. J. More
Rowe E. F. More
Treuge A. More