Memorial Listing

Parish: Exeter - Emmanuel
Location: Church of Emmanuel, Okehampton Street, Exeter
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Bennett Owen A. More
Bishop Frederick W. More
Camble Thomas J. More
Cann Charles More
Cann Herbert More
Churchward Christopher M. More
Clapp Harry More
Collings Rees H. More
Cook James H. More
Cose Albert More
Court Stanley G. More
Bradford William H. More
Dash Albert More
Dash Percy More
Davies Harry More
Deem Charles More
Edwards John More
Elston John More
Elsworthy George More
Fairchild John More
Fey Percy More
Ford Charles More
Gale William H. More
Gibbings George H. More
Gollop Albert J. More
Gollop William J. More
Halfyard Walter H. More
Harper Alfred E. More
Harris Thomas J. More
Heale John More
Hitchcock Samuel J. More
Holman Jack More
Hugo Joseph J. More
Jones Harry More
Carnall Harry More
Millman Henry More
Laver Alfred L. More
Laver Charles B. More
Mainford William J. More
Maunder Frank More
May Ernest More
Miles Arthur J. More
Moist Charles F. More
Morgan Arthur More
Morrish Percy More
Penfound Bertram J. More
Puddicombe Albert E. More
Ridgway Francis H. More
Shears Christopher More
Shears Frank More
Stabb Ernest J. More
Tapper William H. More
Todd Richard More
Torrington William H. More
Tottle James More
Townsend Ivor More
Tregale Louis More
Tucker Ernest More
Way Alfred More
Webber Alfred More
Webber Alfred More
Weeks Samuel More
Westcott Harry More
White Albert N. More
Williams Gordon More
Wills John A. More
Williams Henry G. More
Wills Walter T. More
Wotton Isaac More
Young Henry More
Raddon Alfred A. More
Ackland W. R. More