Memorial Listing

Parish: Dawlish
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Baron A. S. More
Bearne A. H. More
Browning G. A. More
Burch W. H. More
Criddle W. J. More
Davis Thos More
Dew A. More
Evans J. More
Hallet Thos More
Hutchins W. More
Lake Charles More
Luscombe F. S. More
Morrish Frank More
Pessell C. J. More
Pike C. More
Selley A. A. More
Wills S. C. More
Blatchford W. More
Davis Fred More
Ford F. More
Mutters W. H. More
Abell D. E. More
Abell S. T. More
Andrews W. L. More
Anning J. More
Blackmore C. H. More
Blackmore R. C. More
Bond F. W. More
Bowden E. J. More
Bowden S. C. More
Carmen W. L. More
Chappel S. A. More
Church A. G. W. More
Cornelius S. More
Cotton F. C. More
Criddeford E. J. More
Crook C. H. More
Crook S. J. More
Crook E. C. More
Dallman L. C. More
Dart F. S. More
Davies A. F. More
Davis A. W. More
Dew W. J. More
Doble E. More
Elliott W. A. V More
Gibson H. N. J. More
Gilpin J. S. More
Harris H. N. J. More
Hill James More
Hockaday P. J. More
Holloway W. E. More
Holman Paul More
Honour R. A. More
Horwill W. More
Hooper A. J. More
Jackson W. J. More
Kemp C.DE.G K. More
Kerswell S. H. More
Kerswell J. E. More
King C. F. More
Kingdom F. R. More
Knapman G. More
Larcombe F. G. More
Leaman H. More
Leaman S. More
Lewis T. N. More
Lucas S. More
Marks W. More
Martin E. G. More
May H. More
Moore A. J. More
Mayne B. More
Mudge E. G. More
Peters M. More
Pillar S. More
Pope P. G. More
Radford C. F. More
Rundell G. E. More
Scott E. M. More
Scott W. H. More
Smith T. A. More
Snell P. More
Stevens W. H. More
Stoyle W. H. More
Tapley W. F. More
Thornhill W. E. More
Way M.M. W. More
West A. H. More
West G. C. More
Wills J. F. More
Williams W. C. More
Gibbings G. H. More
Ager E. More
Brook F. More
Burch A. G. More
Cole G. H. More
Crews W. H. More
Cutcliffe J. More
Edmonds P. A. More
Hill R. More
Nicholls A. More
Ruddle R. H. More