Memorial Listing

Parish: Crediton
Location: Union Road, Crediton
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Adams E. More
Auber C. St. LO More
Backwell W. More
Baker E. J. More
Bere S. E. More
Bere O. A. More
Berry W. More
Blatchford L. W. More
Blatchford W. H. More
Boddy P. More
Body G. T. More
Borne A. J. More
Brealy W. More
Bubear W. More
Bubear W. G. More
Burridge F. More
Burridge E. W. More
Cann F. More
Chamberlain W. H. More
Charlton W. More
Coles P. J. More
Coles R. More
Colwill W. J. More
Conabeer W. G. More
Cooper G. More
Courtnay J. More
Crossman G. More
Darch W. More
Davie H. W. More
Delve J. More
Doddridge W. S. More
Dymond S. More
Edwardes H. F. More
Elston S. G. More
Elston J. More
Erscott C. H. More
Erscott F. H. More
Flood C. J. More
Frost H. More
Frost T. More
Fursman J. R. More
Gale F. More
Gallin A. F. More
German G. More
Gillman S. A. More
Gillman E. W. More
Gillman R. C. More
Glover S. J. More
Goddard A. More
Grant W. J. More
Gribble G. L. More
Gribble B. C. More
Gush W. More
Hallett W. J. More
Harry F. More
Hatch W. A. More
Hawker J. G. More
Hellier F. More
Henderson R. More
Hill R. P. More
Hooper F. W. More
Hooper G. A. More
Ireland W. More
Jeffries S. P. More
Johns C. More
Keen L. A. More
Land J. More
Lane T. More
Lang A. C. More
Leach W. More
Lee C. More
Long B. J. More
Loosemore F. H. More
Mallett H. More
Mann W. H. More
Mann J. More
Mann W. More
Mogridge E. H. More
Montague F. D. More
Montague P. D. More
Mortimore A. More
Narracott F. J. More
Neiass H. C. More
Nott T. More
Organ H. C. More
Parker A. More
Parkyn J. More
Parr J. More
Passmore D. More
Phillips A. J. More
Phillips J. C. More
Piney A. G. More
Pitts H. H. More
Pope E. R. More
Porter C. D. More
Purse E. C. More
Purse L. S. More
Ralph G. E. More
Reed T. More
Salter J. More
Sanders J. R. More
Sanders G. More
Searle R. A. More
Selley C. L. More
Setter F. G. More
Setter J. More
Setter S. J. More
Shapland R. More
Shapland P. More
Shipman P. J. More
Skinner A. More
Smith J. More
Snell J. More
Snell H. More
Spear G. More
Spearman A. C. More
Sprague J. More
Sprague A. More
Staddon A. W. More
Stemson L. H. More
Stentiford F. More
Stiff F. More
Strong F. J. More
Strong B. G. More
Sutton J. More
Symes C. W. More
Tompkins E. E. More
Tothill L. G. More
Tremlett F. More
Tremlett E. More
Tucker S. More
Turner G. More
Turner M. More
Venn H. J. More
Warren J. More
Way B. W. More
White A. T. More