Memorial Listing

Parish: Chudleigh
Location: Conduit Square, Chudleigh
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Neilson S. M More
Oldham J. H. More
Parr J. More
Prowse G. More
Ridler H. More
Ridler J. More
Ridler W More
Rumbold S. G. More
Sampson R. More
Sampson S. More
Sercombe W. J. More
Shears G More
Sheepshanks G. J More
Shillabeer F. More
Shillabeer H. W. More
Simon T. More
Smale T. More
Snell F. More
Agett C. P. More
Blackmore F. More
Bond H. W. More
Bowden L. G. More
Boxall F. C. More
Bradford J More
Caunter E. J. More
Cleave F. More
Cobley S More
Coneybeer J. C. More
Cornall T More
Critchley P More
Down F More
Eagles J More
Farquhar R More
French P. More
Gigg L. More
Gill F. More
Snell G More
Sparkes B. B. More
Stoney T. R. More
Sutherley J. H. More
Tubb W More
Waithman V de V More
Yeo J. H. More
Yeoman J. F. More
Glass B. More
Grant J More
Greenhouse J More
Hammacott W. H. More
Horton J More
Jordan R More
Knight E More
Lambell A. H. More
Leach W. H. More
Lethbridge A. More
McMurdo J. C. More
McMurdo R More
Metters G. More
Miller W. H. More
Millman T. C. More
Millman W. J. More
Morcombe H More