Memorial Listing

Parish: Bovey Tracey
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Aggett W. More
Beaufort F. H. More
Blamey L. More
Bowden W. G. E. More
Boyce W. J. H. More
Bradford C. A. More
Brimblecombe P. G. More
Choake J. J. More
Clatworthy W. J. More
Coldridge F. T. More
Croote F. W. More
Cox V. W. More
Cox W. More
Daymond F. S. More
Dear W. C. More
Denton G. R. More
French F. C. G. More
Frost K. T. More
Gilley J. R. More
Grey-Smith J. E. More
Greenway W. G. J. More
Hawkes S. J. More
Heath J. More
Heath T. H. More
Hine J. E. More
Hull A. J. More
Hyssett E. More
Kendall N. P. More
Lake F. More
Lamacraft F. More
Larkin A. B. More
Lockyear W. More
Maddicott S. G. V. More
May E. A. More
Mountford W. F. G. More
Nickolds E. J. More
Pengelly E. L. L. More
Perkins C. E. More
Perryman J. C. W. More
Pook B. More
Prescott P. More
Prescott W. More
Sampson P. W. More
Setters H. More
Smith G. L. More
Staddon F. C. More
Steer C. E. S. More
Stokes A. A. More
Symons H. More
Tremlett C. J. More
Tremlett T. J. More
Watts H. V. I. More
Weeks A. L. More
Weeks S. C. More
Wyatt W. H. More