Memorial Listing

Parish: Babbacombe
Location: Church of All Saints, Babbacombe
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Babbage W. H. More
Biggs E. M. More
Badcott H. More
Barrett G. More
Cribbett F. More
Craig A. More
Capron M. More
Dixon M.C. M.M. T. W. E. More
Fredrick S. More
Godding J. H. More
Gooding G. H. More
Gordon W. More
Green J. H. More
Grute J. H. More
Gilbert F. More
Harper J. More
Hammett W. More
Higginbotham T. E. More
Howard C. More
Jenkins W. More
Lang W. H. More
Mathers W. A. H. More
Mortimore A. E. More
Norman A. G. More
Mayo G. More
Perring E. J. More
Purfield H. More
Milton J. Penn More
Parnell W. More
Pyne W. J. More
Poole S. P. More
Robbins J. L. More
Rawle W. More
Stephens A. W. More
Spratt F. L. More
Soper F. More
Southcott H. More
Sabben J. More
Smith W. C. More
Spear H. W. More
Sugdon H. G. More
Truman E. More
Thomas M.M. H. More
Thomas W. H. C. More
Windeatt H. C. More
Woodford D. More
Waymouth A. H. More
Westaway F. J. H. More
Weeks W. R. More
Hayter J. More
Hayter G. More
Came J. R. More
Cribbett W. More
Dommett A. More
Perring W. More