Memorial Listing

Parish: Axminster
Location: Axminster, St Mary the Virgin Church
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Bowles Bertram P. More
Bruce Henry A. More
Channing John S. More
Chant Charles F. More
Chick Francis F. More
Chick William C. More
Claybyn William A. More
Claybyn Edward C. More
Claybyn Thomas P. More
Coote Alfred A. More
Coote Frederick W. More
Dimon William More
Enticott Samuel B. More
Enticott Arthur More
Enticott Charles More
Elson Gerald C. More
Farmer Joseph More
Fish Alfred W. More
Froom John More
Gimblett Raymond J. More
Gribble Percy H. More
Haysom William More
Harris Archibald J. More
Harris John More
Hoskins Ben More
Hoskins Reginald More
Lethaby Leonard W. More
Loud Thomas More
Luff Archibald N. More
Lumbard Francis C. More
Maidment Albert More
Maidment Frederick D. More
Mence William C. More
Moulding Ernest J. More
Page Ralph More
Parker Albert H. More
Pavey Thomas F. More
Peach Ernest W. More
Percy-Hardman Wm. H. More
Perham Frederick C. More
Perham John More
Perryman Frank More
Pomeroy James More
Pomeroy Ralph More
Adams Job H. More
Bevan John N. More
Phippen Thomas L. More
Richards John H. More
Rough Colin T. More
Russell William J. More
Stentiford Frederick J. More
Silk William R. More
Sloman Albert J. More
Snell Edwin A. W. More
Snell Tom S. More
Spiller William J. More
Spiller John More
Sprague Charles F. More
Sprague Leslie W. More
Sprague Reginald C. More
Strawbridge Harry More
Sweetland Charles E. More
Tucker Sidney J. More
White Frederick G. More
Willey Frederick C. More
Woodland William H. More
Young Philip More
Young Charles More