Memorial Listing

Parish: Ashburton
Location: Dolbeare Street, Ashburton
Type: War Memorial

As the amount of information on the different memorials varies this page only lists the names found on the memorial. Any other information available can be found using the More link alongside the name.

Surname Initials
Baker Sidney More
Bartlett Jubal More
Beveridge Gerald H. S. More
Bowden Dan More
Bowden David J. More
Bray George J. More
Bray John More
Carew George C. W. More
Caunter John C. A. More
Caunter Richard L. L. More
Chivell Simon G. More
Collins William J. More
Cowls Bertram More
Cowls John F. More
Crossman William R. M. More
Eales Alfred More
East John More
Evans Wilfred J. O. More
Ferris Basil F. More
Fezzey Ernest More
German Daniel More
German John More
Gibbs Reginald G. More
Gilbert Frederick More
Hannaford William J. More
Harding Samuel More
Harris Walter More
Hatch John More
Hatch William K. More
Head Archibald More
Heales Sydney More
Hext Hubert More
Honeywill Herbert C. More
Howis Frederick More
Lambell William H. More
Leaman Charles More
Lomax Leslie J. More
Lowrey Joseph More
MacDowell James More
Mann Edwin R. More
Martin Charles S. More
Milton Richard More
Moore Frederick F. More
Mugford Thomas More
Murch John More
Northway Alfred W. W. More
Northway James More
Parnell William H. More
Peacock John More
Pitts Edgar More
Pomroy Edward J. More
Poolman Ernest G. More
Rosewarne John H. M. More
Routley Frederick More
Rowland Arthur J. T. More
Spear Richard T. More
Stevens William J. More
Stone Robert L. More
Tozer Geoffery G. More
Tozer John H. W. More
Tozer Thomas L. More
Truscott Andrew More
Tucker Alan R. L. More
Vaughan Henry H. S. More
Veale Thomas C. More
Warren Frank More
Warren William N. More
Whiddon John More
Whiddon William A. More
White Louis More
Wotton John E. More
Wotton William H. More