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Devon's World War One Roll of Honour

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A Note on the Number of Names Recorded in the Roll of Honour

Press reports of the unveiling of the War Memorial on the Cathedral Green state the number is 11601, wheras the number transcribed into this database is 11539, a discrepancy of 62.

From the totals given at the index at the front of the RoH the total names listed is 11796, a discrepancy of plus 224 from the database and plus 195 from the press reports.

On investigating these discrepancies it was noted that the two Exmouth parishes (Littleham and Withycombe Raleigh) were counted twice in the index, once alphabetically listed and once under Exmouth. On removal of one instance of both (Littleham 131& Withycombe Raleigh 130) the index total becomes 11535. This is a discrepancy of minus 66 from the press reports and minus 4 from the transcription.

These 4 discrepancies from the transcription database are accounted for by small errors between the names in 4 parishes and the number shown in the index (Exeter – transcribed 960, Index 958: Kenn – 37, 38: Torquay 398, 397: Tiverton (Addenda) 20, 18)

There is no indication of where the figure of 11601 originated.

Furthermore, there are 33 names listed in an Additional Addenda to the Roll of Honour. The note at the beginning of this Additional Addenda states:

“The following names were furnished after the deposit on the Roll of Honour under the Cross in St. Mary’s Green on the occasion of the Unveiling Ceremony, on the 16th May 1921 and they are not included in that Roll.”

It is assumed that these additional names have been listed in the copy of the Roll of Honour held in Exeter Cathedral Archives

(Note these names are included in the transcribe numbers above.)